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Burleson Masonic Lodge #649

Founded December  10, 1892

To be a Mason you must ask a Mason

Lamar Award Scholarship
The award in honor of Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar, The Father of Public Education in Texas.
   Lamar was born August 16, 1798 and was a Texas Mason and member of Harmony Lodge #6
Lamar moved to Texas in 1835 and after the fall of the Alamo was commissioned in the battlefield San Jacinto as a Colonel and then became the first elected Vise-President of the Republic of Texas on December 19, 1838 and was later inaugurated as the second president of the Texas Nation.
  In his first address to Congress he called for appropriation of land to support public schools. At his urging Congress passed the ACT in January 26, 1839, which set aside land for the support of public schools in each county and 50 leagues of land for the support of two colleges know today as TEXAS A&M and the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. 
Masons have always supported public education.